It has always been our goal to expand our catalog to include a variety of handmade products at Gracie Jay.

We would love to hear from you! What are your favourite handmade products? Are there specific products or brands you would recommend we look into?

Click an icon* below to make a request for a new brand or product, or for a product from a brand that we already carry. You can submit a request for up to 5 products/collections per form.

We generally put all new (nail polish) collections up for pre-order. If you are wondering if we are going to host a pre-order for an upcoming collection, please DO NOT use the forms below. Kindly ask in our FB group about new/upcoming collections, or send us an email. (We will see the request sooner 😊)

NOTE: These are NOT order forms. By submitting a request, it is no way a guarantee that we will be ordering the product. These forms are not meant to be an ISO for discontinued products. Once a brand has discontinued a product, we are no longer able to purchase it.

*Since we typically carry new collections and these are not forms for ISO products, only brands that we are able to re-order past products/collections from are included below.