Order Processing, Local Pickup & Shipping



Updates about all turn-around times, recent & upcoming holidays, shipping times, and previous & current pre-orders can be found on our Turn-around Times & Pre-order Page.

If you have requested new orders to be combined for shipping with previous pre-orders, all orders will held and shipped together.

REMINDER: Pre-orders can have a long turn-around-time, especially if the brand is international and the product has to clear customs.

The total time that it will take for your package to reach you is turn-around time plus shipping time.

We cannot guarantee a parcel will arrive on or before a specific date.

Processing time is subject to change without direct notice to the customer. Reasons for delay may include, but are not limited to, a new product launch causing an influx of orders at one time, and shipping or customs delays of incoming products.

You can check the status of your order by signing in to your ACCOUNT.

You will receive a shipping notification email once your parcel has shipped. Please ensure that Gracie Jay & Co is added to your safe sender list so that you do not miss your notification. It may take up to 2 business days for your order to begin showing movement in the system. If you have placed an order from the United States, once the order crosses the border, Canada Post may no longer show updates until the parcel has been delivered. USPS will be the most accurate place to find updates for US customers.

If you have any questions or concerns about an outstanding order please do not hesitate to CONTACT US and we would be more than happy to help!


    If you have selected pick up upon checkout, you will receive a notification when your order is ready for pick up. Please do not proceed to pick up your order until you have received a notification.


    If you have not received a shipping/pick-up notification email from us, please check your inbox (or spam/junk folder). Alternately, you can always login to your account to check the status of your order. If you still have concerns about an outstanding order, please CONTACT US.

    Check out our SHIPPING POLICY for information about lost, seized or destroyed packages.


    Forgot to add something to your cart? We got you! Combined shipping is available in most cases, if requested.

    1. Head back to the store, do some more shopping
    2. Use the code PLEASECOMBINE upon checkout to remove the shipping charges from your new order.
    3. Add the previous order number to your order notes. (If you do not leave a note with the order numbers that are to be combined, your orders will be held until you reach out to us to advise us to ship.)
    4. Voila! Your orders will be combined for shipping.
    There is no need to email us with your order numbers. A note on your order will do the trick!

      Combined multiple orders will receive a refund for any shipping overages paid, with in a week after it's been shipped.

      Want to have an order shipped with a friends order?!? Simply listing the same mailing address on all orders will not properly flag the order for our shipping department. If orders from multiple customers are being shipped to one customer, the following must be done:

      1. The shipping address on all orders MUST BE THE SAME ADDRESS - the one that all orders are being shipped to. (Billing addresses can be different.)
      2. Each order MUST HAVE A NOTE. Either that it is being shipped to "X" customer, or with "X" order number. (i.e. Please combine with Jane Doe, or Please combine with order #0001)

      NOTE: If the combined orders do not reach the free shipping threshold, you will be contacted and given the choice of being invoiced for shipping, or to hold the orders until free shipping is reached.


      We welcome group orders. If you are interested in organizing a group order, kindly CONTACT US before launch for details.

      Unfortunately, we may have to excluded products that are limited or capped from group orders. This will be decided and communicated when you reach out to us before launch.



      If you requested that an order be held to ship with future orders, shipping overages will be refunded once your orders have shipped (by the following Sunday, at the latest.)

      A note about refunds: they can take up to 10 business days to be reflected back to your original method of payment. If you do not see the refund after 10 business days, reach out to us at graciejayandco@outlook.com (https://graciejayandco.com/pages/contact) and we can provide you with the reference number that you will need to follow up with your credit card company or financial institution.


      When products are restocked at Gracie Jay & Co., they are limited in quantity. Restock products are ready-to-ship according to the above mentioned turn-around time.

      Restock of products is dependent upon demand from the customer and availability from the brands.


          PRE-ORDER = products that have not yet been ordered from the vendor. Typically only available for pre-order at Gracie Jay & Co. for a limited time.

          CAPPED PRE-ORDERS = products may be capped (limited in quantities) during a pre-order when the vendor has set a maximum number of products that will be available for us to purchase.

          PRE-SALE = products that have already been ordered from the vendor, but have not arrived at Gracie Jay & Co. Typically, pre-sale products will remain on Gracie Jay & Co until sold out.

          CAPPED PRE-SALES = all pre-sales are capped (limited in quantities) because an order has already been placed with the brand and we are awaiting it's arrival.

          *NEW March 21* RESTOCK/PRE-ORDER = when we are able to re-order previously pre-ordered products from a brand, and still have a small amount of inventory in stock, we may put products up as a Restock/Pre-order, meaning that once our in-stock inventory has sold out, the product will then be a pre-order. There will be a time limit on the pre-order. If a product that is labelled 'Restock/Pre-order', it is best to view it as a pre-order. Unfortunately, due to the amount of orders that come in during pre-orders, the number of products and limited staff, we may not be able to provide updates as to when the in-stock inventory sold out and the product switched to a pre-order.


            • Orders containing a pre-order/pre-sale item will be held for shipping until the release date of the pre-ordered item.
            • If there are products in the order that are not pre-order/pre-sale items they will be set aside and shipped at the same time as the pre-order/pre-sale item(s).
            • We cannot split the order for shipping without charging separate shipping charges for each parcel that is mailed.
            • We can combine new orders with previously placed pre-orders/pre-sales if requested via email (email must include a list of all unshipped order numbers).
            • Pre-orders and pre-sales can have a long turn-around-time, especially if the brand is international and the product has to clear customs.
            • Pre-order and pre-sale products are not guaranteed to be available for purchase again in the future.

            All updates about current, upcoming & past pre-order processing can be found on our Turn-around Time & Pre-orders Page.

                *NOTE: If you placed an order containing multiple pre-orders, or if there are items in your order that were in stock (not pre-order), the entire order is held for shipping until the all pre-orders in your order has arrived. If you have requested to have orders combined for shipping, this may also delay the shipment of some of your orders.


                RESERVE STOCK ACCESS (RSA)

                • Reserve Stock Access can be applied to any pre-order, restock or overstock drop.
                • Determining what pre-order/restock/overstock drop qualifies for reserve stock access will be at the discretion of the Gracie Jay & Co team. For the most part, it will be, but is not limited to, products that have a high probability of not being able to be purchased from the brand again in the future.
                • Reserve Stock Access will be for a limited and set time period, and will be made clear during official announcements.
                • Once reserve stock access is closed, all remaining stock will be added to the inventory in time for the open stock access.
                • No password is necessary. Reserve Stock Access products will be visible to the Canadian market only. If an order comes in from the US, regardless of shipping address (to the US or within Canada), the order will be canceled.
                • Any caps, limits or special conditions about reserve stock access will be made clear during the official announcement.
                • Once a restock/overstock drop has been announced to have reserve stock, no changes will be made to the caps, limits or special conditions. Once the official announcement has been made, the reserve stock access will not be revoked for any reason.